About us

    SANDINI GmbH is leading provider of valuable and innovative sleeping pillows, neck cushions and travel pillows. They are the attractive companions for superb sleep and relaxation on journeys.

    Our Business

    SANDINI was founded in 2000 and is a family company from Senden (Bavaria), which provides comfortable sleep and travel pillows all over the world. For business travelers and tourists of every age, SANDINI offers a comprehensive portfolio of individual neck cushions and for safe, restful sleep and relaxation– in the car, plain, train, bus, hotel or at home. In particular for newborns, babies and children we developed a unique sleeping pillow. This one is suitable for children’s or baby seats of all kinds and prevents the head’s tilting in the sleep. It protects against injuries with the side airbag in the case of an accident and is recommended by leading security experts as neck support for babies and children.

    Just experience this comfort yourself: "Feel the Comfort."

    Being a family business, we are able to react quickly and effectively to customer’s wishes and fulfil them as optimal and fast as possible. Our actions are shaped by the solidarity in our team, the enjoyment of work and the love for our products. In our core areas, we always work competence overarching and hand in hand, to continuously optimizing our process of action. In doing so, the personal contact to, and the satisfaction of our customers, are in first place of all team members.

    Contact us:

    Annabel Allmendinger
    Head of Customer Support
    Phone: +49 (0) 7307 507 431 0
    Mail: annabel.allmendinger@sandini.de
    Mail: kundenservice@sandini.de

    Elisabeth Schneider
    Managing Partner
    Phone: +49 (0) 7307 507 431 0
    Mail: elisabeth.schneider@sandini.de

    Angelika Semsch
    Managing Partner
    Phone: +49 (0) 821 347 316 7
    Mail: angelika.semsch@sandini.de

    Alexander Schneider
    Head of IT & Graphics
    Phone: +49 (0) 7307 507 431 1
    Mail: alexander.schneider@sandini.de

    Elena Semsch, M.Sc.
    Head of Marketing
    Phone: +49 (0) 821 347 316 7
    Mail: marketing@sandini.de

    Margot Strobel
    Head of Warehouse
    Phone: +49 (0) 7307 507 431 0
    Mail: office@sandini.de

    Our Vision

    Our vision is that  while traveling all people can sleep and relax comfortably with SANDINI sleeping pillows, neck cushions and travel pillows.

    Our Vision of Distribution

    Our vision of distribution is to convince with the brand SANDINI and its premium sleep pillows, neck cushions and travel pillows, and to provide superb service to all customers. We aspire after satisfying our existing customers with the variety of our product range as well as establishing new partnerships with customers.

    Being a family-run company, the customer-oriented and fair relation as well as the wellbeing of all customers rank first.

    This we want to reach by exchanging a mutual dialog with our existing customers and offering them our individual sleep solutions - dependent on their personal needs.
    Through the satisfaction factor of our existing customers and the quality of our products and services we want to convince continuatively more customers of the brand SANDINI. Dependent on the chosen distribution channels, we address with a need-oriented strategy all people, who feel consciously or unconsciously the urge of a sleeping solution for on the move.

    With our unsurpassed references and marketing activities, we pursue the goal to convince new customers with high purchasing potential, of being worthwhile to put a credit of trust in us and our brand SANDINI. We support this with a customer-oriented service loop of advance sale, sale and post-auction sale, to guarantee the customer’s satisfaction at all levels, evoke the enthusiasm and loyalty for the brand SANDINI, and ensure them in the long term.

    Our tenets

    For us, our merits are a central component of our daily work. They guide and lead us and our actions. For one decade the brand SANDINI signifies reliability, innovation, exclusivity, and responsibility towards itself, its customers and the environment.
    Our responsibility towards the environment and people

    Our tenets characterize our behavior towards customers and the environment. Being a trustworthy company close to people and environment, we are satisfied that the long-range success of a business lean onto sustainability and social responsibility.

    In the manufacture of our pillow covers we work in cooperation with regional unions of the German “Lebenshilfe” (counseling). In addition, we are cautious to extend these ones and more partnerships in the long term, to keep and strengthen the balance between the needs of the society, environment and economy, even in the future.

    SANDINI "Made in Europe"

    For many customers, sustainability and responsibility towards people and environment is important. This subject is very essential for us, too. For that reason we exclusively produce our sleeping pillows, neck cushions and travel pillows in Europe. Due to the production within Europe, we spare the environment unnecessary burdens through long transport routes. Even the fair pay and treatment of all employees and business partners are in the focus of our actions. Because the advancement of our company to the advantage of all targets is dependent on our suppliers’ attendance, to develop even prospectively high-quality and innovative products and to stick to the manufacturing base Europe in the long term. Even with fabrics and accessories the origin is very important to us. For that reason we obtain the most raw materials from Germany

    Our Claim

    Quality means to us: products with superb design, careful processing and maximal benefit for the user, on the basis of an environment-sparing production. All pillows we provide serve the well-being for premium sleep and relaxation of our big and small customers on a journey and on the way. Our customers’ satisfaction comes first to us and is, in the long run, the best advertisement we can do.

    Our Customer Intimacy

    For our customers we are comprehensible and firm, faithful and confidence-building. With engagement we ensure that this partnership is lived and a sustainable, persistent relationship arises. Being a family-run, down to earth company we desire to react quickly and effectively to customer’s wishes and fulfil them as optimally and fast as possible. This open basic attitude also finds expression in the customer-oriented dealing with claims. Complaints, improvement proposals or ideas of our customers, we see as positive criticism that we use actively as an opportunity to stabilize customer relationships and provide a continuous added value from the business relations for the long term. We are grateful for advices of strengths and weaknesses of our company from the customer perspective, and strive to treat and use our customers’ criticism effectively.

    Our Market Position

    We face up openly and confidently the competition and see a constantly challenge in improving our service permanently. Through the quality of all pillows we provide, we especially focus on being among the best ones in the cost-benefit ratio. To achieve this, we have made it our aspiration to take an approved position nationwide and beyond, being a specialist for sleeping pillows, neck cushions and travel pillows.