SleepFix® Reviews

    Convince yourself and read more on this page about our customers’ and product testers’ experiences with our patented safety sleep pillow SANDINI SleepFix© which is recommended by German ADAC:

    Hauserische Testfamilie

    TitleWith the SAFETY SLEEP PILLOW our car drives are MORE RELAXED now
    Published: 01/29/2013

    ... I’m incredibly sorry about my children tilting their heads to and fro while sleeping. When we booked our Croatia vacation for this summer, I immediately got once more these pictures in my head. (...) Thanks to SANDINI there finally is an end of it and our kids can sleep comfortable and save in the car.

    Title: Test for SANDINI SleepFix S car/bicycle sleep pillow
    Published: 12/15/2012

    This purchase is a gift that went down well with our nephew’s parents! A great idea for sleeping children in the car. Who doesn’t know about the quickly literally “nodding off” the head right up to the whole body during long trips. A great invention.


    Title: Product Test: Sandini
    Published: 08/10/2012

    Since we like to go on vacation, we spend a lot of time on the road with our car. Especially when we head southbound we often sit in the car eight hours or even more. I don’t have to tell you that this is uncomfortable in the length of time and particularly children want and have to sleep during long drives. The company Sandini provides a possibility to make these trips more comfortable. 

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    Jassi's Projekte

    Title: Safety sleeping pillows by Sandini for my girls
    Published: 04/19/2012

    The price of 24.90 and 29.99 Euros, respectively, for the entire set is absolutely okay and the covers can be bought extra for 9.99 Euros. For me safety is very important, especially when it comes to our children. My girls are very comfortable with the new SleepFix safety pillow and never give it away.

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    Kleines Forschungslabor

    Title: Sandini SleepFix
    Published: 10/22/2011

    The company Sandiniproduces safety sleep pillows for babies, children and adults. The various pillows ensure save sleeping in the road traffic and avoid the head tipping down forward or aside. This tipping down of my child’s head caught my mom’s eye very early.

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    Alexproofed - Produkte geprüft und bewertet von Alex

    Title: Alex proves: Sandini
    Published: 08/12/2011

    Sandini Sleepfix which I was allowed to test, is very comfortable and prevents the head from tipping while sleeping. It is especially suitable for small children and takes care of relaxed sleeping. Two small pillows can be connected to a soft head rest with a hook and loop fastener. Through a light counterweight that could be fixed on the back for example, head and upper body are restrained gently and a to and fro wobble of the child’s head is prevented. The affixing is very easy.

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    Galinas Produkttest Blog

    Title: Product Test - the Sandini SleepFix sleep pillow
    Published: 08/01/2011

    Sandini SleepFix 

    guarantees an absolute safety plus in the road traffic. Children (and adults) sleep comfortably in the safety zone with Sandini SleepFix and are therefore protected against dangers from the side airbag, because a frontal or lateral tilting of the head while sleeping is prevented.

    Steffi's Testblog                                            

    Title: Product test – sleep pillow SleepFix by Sandini
    Published: 07/30/2011

    My son got used to SleepFix very quickly and since he didn’t grumble, for him it’s not uncomfortable or disagreeable. The price (24.90 Euros) is absolutely appropriate in view of the good workmanship of SleepFix. It can be applied and unfastened childishly simple and it’s utterly comfortable (...) I can definitely recommend SleepFix, for children as well as adults. 

    Christ-Ta's Blog


    Sandini – SleepFix Sleep Pillows
    Published: 07/18/2011

    Some time ago I had my granddaughter Virginia over and when we drove her home she felt asleep in the car, like surely many children do. Unfortunately it happens again and again that her small head tilts aside or falls forwardly while braking for example. Even the rests of the car seat do not prevent this.

    Merendinas Blog

    Title: Sandini SleepFix Sleep Pillow
    Published: 07/02/2011

    Who doesn’t know long car trips with small children ... Anytime the small ones drop off and the little head tilts aside or falls forwards. Because we attach utmost importance to our children’s safety even while car driving, some time ago I already began to search for safe, good headrests and neck cushions, respectively, in the Internet.

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    Nordfriesen Tagebuch

    Title: Sleep pillow SleepFix by Sandini testing
    Published: 06/22/2011

    I hope you all take care of your road safety. We make sure to do everything we can to get our small ones healthy from A to B. But then there are consistently these stupid situations which all parents know… the child falls asleep and the head sags forwardly or aside… and this is where the company Sandinicomes in.

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