TravelFix® Reviews

    Convince yourself and read on this page more about our customers’ and product testers’ opinions with the innovative travel pillow SANDINI TravelFix© for the universal use in the car, plain, train, bus and hotel:

    Larysina's Wundertütenland

    Title: Relaxed Travelling
    Published: 06/13/2013

    Kindly I’ve received a travel pillow from the company Sandini. Sandini GmbH is leading supplier of innovative sleeping and relaxing pillows for along the way. This travel pillow is very light and delivered in a black cloth bag. That means it is either spacious or too heavy. It is versatilely usable, for example as pillow replacement or to support the nape. This travel pillow has a special ergonomic fit. It prevents neck pain and helps provide relaxed sleep while travelling.

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    Andrea's Produkttests

    Title: SANDINI TravelFix travel pillow
    Published: 06/11/2013

    On weekends we like to go away, for example to visit family and friends. But unfortunately none of them live in close vicinity to us. A travel time of 1 to 5 hours by car we have to accept for this. Now my children are already bigger, but they still fall asleep very often in the back seat. Once they wake up they are fussy, because everything hurts, especially the nape. And I believe, almost everyone of us knows that!

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    Nina Testet

    Title: First class travelling and first class sleeping on the journeys...with Sandini
    Published: 01/17/2013

    Hi my dears, you like to travel? Then you probably know: the long trip by car, train or plain, you get tired and just want to nap!? Oh dear, if I would think about my last longer train ride...What did my coat suffer! (...) In my search I came across the online shop

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    Mimmi's Teststrecke

    Title: A relaxing pillow for on the go...
    Published: 01/11/2012

    Test result: Never again without Sandini, shortly I’ll order a second one, so that we won’t have to share it anymore. We are totally thrilled. It’s very light and varied usable, whether on the airplane, train or on the beach chair. It’s wipeable, that’s great, and in the case of more grime, even washable in the washing machine up to 30 degrees Celsius. Many thanks to the team of Sandini – for the relaxed hours on the airplane and the great product.

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    Tabaluga's Testblog

    Title: Travel pillow something different
    Published: 08/13/2012

    The next voyage will definitely come....
    ... and even then the trip should be as agreeable as possible. I’m liable to fall asleep during longer drives. It doesn’t matter whether car or plain, it’s always uncomfortable.

    Now I’ve found a completely different travel pillow. There’s a travel pillow by Sandini, that can‘t get out of position during the trip, because it can be closed with a Velcro. So it doesn’t matter to which side the head is falling again ;-)

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    Bibilotta - auf Herz und Nieren wird geprüft!

    Title: Our vacation companion no. 1: SANDINI TravelFix
    Published: 07/22/2012

    YEEES … now it is nearly there and we can go on a journey. What an excitement, even more for me than for my little girl. (...) Having no neck pain after the long trip and disembarking regained out of the plain, car or train. So the own pillow is a wonderful clean and restful option. Being small and compact in the little transport bag it can be stowed quickly into the travel bag and is ready to hand anytime.

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    Gismolinchens Test- und Probierstübchen

    Title: Sandini - Grant yourself a snatch of sleep ;-)
    Published: 07/22/2012

    The product I want to suggest you is just excellent – I can’t put it any other way (...) Here Sandini cares for remedy in the form of an individual travel pillow that fits in each hand luggage and that is just a great thing, because with it the head is not able to snap off anymore and a healthy nap is inevitable. And anything but that, because finally it is my own pillow I don’t have to share it with others, and to be honest, sharing a pillow with others … who wants this?

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    Möglichkeiten und Momente

    Title: SANDINI TravelFix and traveling becomes „comfortable“
    Published: 07/16/2012

    When you ever sat on a train or plain over a long period, you know how incredibly uncomfortable this is. Via Sandini’s Facebook presence not long ago, tester were sought for the universal travel pillow Sandini TravelFix and I immediately had to think of my husband (...) My husband loved the pillow. In the future he will take it with him on all of his journeys, because it makes the trip a great deal more comfortable.

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    Naddels Island

    Title: Sandini – travel comfortable with TravelFix
    Published: 07/02/2012

    Thanks to a campaign of the company Sandini I had the great fortune to be able to test the TravelFix travel pillow. For a long time I suffer from two nasty disc prolapses in the cervical spine. Recently these ones make life quite difficult for me and actually, I have lasting headaches and neck pain (...) Thanks to Sandini now I finally have less problems in finding a relaxed head position...

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