Social Commitment

    SANDINI donates 50 TravelFix® travel pillows to flight sponsor

    A drop of help is more valuable than an ocean of compassion

    As a family business we feel responsible for our customers, fellow men and our environment. Following this quote, we want to become active and use our brand SANDINI and our products for such social projects where they can provide real help.

    We also dedicate ourselves privately to animal and environmental protection and would therefore like to support people who are also involved in animal protection. That is why, in cooperation with Nadine Bode (Travolare/ flight sponsor initiator), we have launched the "SANDINI campaign for flight sponsors": SANDINI donates 50 TravelFix travel pillows to voluntary flight sponsors!

    What are flight sponsors and why are they needed?

    In most cases, airlines do not carry dogs or cats that are still abroad as unaccompanied pets. Animal welfare organisations take care of all customs formalities in advance, bring the animals to the airport and organise the collection at the destination airport with the appropriate organisation or new family of the animal on site.

    But what the animal needs is a flight sponsor who takes the animal with him on the plane, i.e. assumes responsibility for the dog or cat on the flight - as hand luggage or in the transport room. For a flight sponsor, taking along an animal is completely free and uncomplicated!

    Perhaps we have aroused your interest?

    Are you flying on holiday soon? Then take a look at to see if you could offer an animal a flight to a new home as a flight sponsor.

    Or have you fallen in love with an animal on holiday and are now looking for a flight sponsor to take it with you? Maybe you are lucky here!

    Further information on the subject of flight sponsorship is provided below

    Especially in Southern Europe, animals are brought to killing stations after the end of the season, where they are killed after a short period of time. The same happens with animals that are handed over by their owners or picked up on the street. Many animal protection organisations and animal shelters are committed to bringing these animals to Germany as quickly as possible.

    However, since many airlines do not carry "alone" animals at all or only for a lot of money, they are dependent on the help of travellers who take an animal as a flight sponsor on the way back to Germany.

    For a flight sponsor, taking an animal with them is completely free and uncomplicated!

    In the run-up to the flight, the animal welfare associations first take care of all customs formalities (vaccinations, chips, castration). Then they bring the animals to the airport in time, meet the flight sponsor, help with the check-in and take care of the animals until they are transported. The animals are either transported in the hold as special luggage or, if they do not exceed a certain weight (usually 6 kg), they can also be taken into the cabin as "hand luggage".

    Back in Germany, the animals are then picked up by animal protection organisations, animal shelters and/or the new owners after the customs block. There is no need to worry about "getting stuck" on an animal, empty boxes or other aid supplies.

    The question of whether it makes sense to bring animals to Germany, even though there are enough stray animals in the animal shelters, can certainly be discussed. You are welcome to express your opinion on our Facebook-Seite. We have decided to support the work of animal welfare activists, because these arguments have simply convinced us:

    • Most animal welfare organisations use part of the mediation fee to also improve the situation in the countries of origin, e.g. by castrations. The problem is therefore not merely shifted by the mediation of animals to Germany.
    • As a rule, only those animals are flown out that are either already placed or can be easily placed. Especially smaller hybrids from southern countries are popular, easy to care for and integrate quickly.
    • Should the placement of an animal from abroad actually deprive an animal in a German animal shelter of the chance to be placed, it should be considered that the animals in our shelters are relatively well off, even if they are not placed.
    • Since the animal homes are mainly financed by agency fees, donations or self-financing, full animal homes in Germany are not a real burden, especially for the taxpayer.
    • No costs and efforts arise for the flight sponsor!